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First of all, what is a carousel? Carousels show a collection of elements one after the other. Also known as “slideshows” and “sliders”. Often these are used to accommodate a larger amount of content on a website, which otherwise would not have fit in.

“Even though carousels aren’t that effective…

How to Build User Experiences for all

Accessibility has a significant influence on user experience (UX). Creating an accessible website allows you to get the information you need. It allows your business to interact with the rest of the world. Regardless of any physical and mental condition. Empathy and accessibility criteria are essential to creating a better…

A fast Introduction to the popular Layout Module

This introduction to CSS Flexbox, helps you to get a first impression. I will also show some examples to play around with. From here you will be able to integrate this powerful framework into your own projects.

The Flexible Box Model

CSS Flexbox is one way to design responsive layouts with CSS3. It is…

What are Design Systems and who are Design Systems for

Over the past few years, there has been quite a rise in the significance of Design Systems. This is the case for both small and large businesses. …

With CSS Grid you can create complex web designs. It is very intuitive and very well supported by the major browsers. In this article I will show how to build layouts in CSS Grids.

Setting Up CSS Grid

It is very simple to get CSS Grid up and running. First of all I would…

Jennifer Wjertzoch

I am an experienced front-end developer in the modern JavaScrip stack passionate about building performant and accessible web applications.

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